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Automatic & Compact in Size

Large on Features

The robot vacuum has advanced 3D precise obstacle avoidance function, a full set of sensors can intelligently identify and avoid white walls, stairs, and obstacles. The 2.68" slim design helps the robot vacuum cleaner to reach every corner of a house or narrow space, clean leftover dirty areas, and keep your house neat.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is powered by a strong digital motor. The robot vacuum has strong suction power and a unique air inlet design, which will not be blocked by pet hair like other robot vacuum cleaners with roller brushes, Ideal for pet families.

You'll love how easy this automatic robot vacuum is to use! Cordless design affords free mobility, enabling easy cleanup at anytime, even when you're not home!

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Intelligent Features

Powerful. Versatile.

Discover a wide range of features that make the WuzuTech RoboVac X function right out of the box with zero effort.


Complete Control
Portable Vacuum

Remove debris from all floors, clean any room, or get rid of dander and hair from your carpet with powerful suction and effortless maneuverability.


Fast & Automatic
Cleaning Power

The robot vacuum is equipped with an infrared sensor, which is close to the furniture/white wall/obstacle, and instantly recognizes and slows down to prevent collisions. Fall induction technology, perceive steps, effectively avoids falling from stairs or edges. Plan the best route to achieve efficient and thorough cleaning.


Cordless, Lightweight,
High Coverage

This robot vacuum cleaner defaults to a random cleaning path. With zigzag cleaning, the Z-type routing has high coverage, less missed scanning and high efficiency. (When using, please pay attention to avoid collision of the robot vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will change the Zig-zag Cleaning cleaning path.)


Non-Stop Powerful Clean
For All Spaces

Two large wheels are designed to move easily from hard floors to carpets, and easily slide over thresholds less than 1.5CM for continuous cleaning across the room without worrying about getting stuck.

    Additional Features

    Lightweight &

    Waterproof &

    Stylish &

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    What's Inside & Outside

    The Tech Specs

    The WuzuTech RoboVac X provides long-lasting powerful suction up to 1800 PA, equipped with powerful turbines and fan blades to clean more effectively and quickly!

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    3127 Reviews | Stock Levels:LOW

    Automatic Robot Vacuum

    Use It Anytime, Any Room

    The lightweight, portable & ergonomic WuzuTech RoboVac X lets you keep things neat and clean no matter where you are & what you are doing!

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    3127 Reviews | Stock Levels:LOW

    Customer Reviews

    What Our Users Have To Say


    Ken S.

    Verified Buyer

    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Great little Vac

    I can't say enough great things about this robot vacuum. I can't believe the things that will pick up from sand to dog hair and even dog food. Emptying the canister is simple and you can even wash the filters. Don't look any further and just buy this… You won't regret it. I'm about to buy another one for upstairs!


    Garry B.

    Verified Buyer

    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Amazing for its size

    You’ve probably heard the expression that something really “sucks”! Well I can say this thing “really sucks”. It has better suction than any of the other battery powered vacuums I owned in the past and I’ve had several. Great product!


    Daniel J.

    Verified Buyer

    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Cut Compact Cost-effective Dirt Collector

    Love this robot! It cleans the entire house. It cleans everywhere, including UNDER THE BEDS! I am one happy camper with this item.

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    3127 Reviews | Stock Levels:LOW

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We Have All The Answers

    What is included?

    2pcs Brush, 1x Charging Cable, 1x Manual, 1x Rag, 1x Sweeper

    How do I charge it?
    Will it work in tight spaces?
    How long will my order take to arrive?
    Order Now & Save 60%

    3127 Reviews | Stock Levels:LOW